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Green Building

We believe in sustainable building and using the most innovative techniques available.  The term “green building” is also known as “green construction” and “sustainable building.” At NuVision Builders, we refer to it as “High Performance Building.”

An integrated “green” building design by NuVision Builders offers our clients far more green construction advantages. For example, an onsite design team specializes in the design of homes with low energy demand, strong storm and moisture resistance, low maintenance, and healthy indoor air quality. A high performance, sustainable building design can result in a reduction of annual insurance premium payments and higher resale property values as compared to conventional built homes.

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The Building Envelope

Important design features during construction of a high performance home is the exterior envelope.

At NuVision Builders, a properly designed exterior envelope for a green building consists of a a steel-reinforced structural foundation connected to a monolithic, steel-in-place, solid concrete wall system, low-energy efficient windows and doors, and advanced roof system. Controlling the environment inside requires a tight and enduring exterior envelope. New home buyers agree, NuVision Builders a strong and sustainable building.

Insulating and sealing a tight shell reduces the loss of air and heat from inside the green building. A proper design method means the home buyer can reduce heating and cooling cycles, reduce the size of the HVAC systems, extend HVAC durability, increase energy efficiency at less expense, control excessive moisture, and improve overall air quality inside the green building.

NuVision Builders also offers solid soffits and solid eaves. The design team utilizes engineered roof trusses which are substantially tighter by applying high-density, spray adhesive foam insulation. Moreover, all windows and doors are insulated, contain dual-paned glass with aluminum frames. The green building NuVision Builders constructs is very strong and virtually air-tight throughout the exterior envelope.

High-Density Adhesive
Spray Foam Insulation

There are many types of spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a superior insulation compared to conventional batt and blown insulation. NuVision Builders utilizes a closed-cell, spray foam insulation to competently seal the entire attic from any outside environment. A closed–cell spray foam insulated structure is impermeable to air and water while providing the tightest seal possible throughout the entire roof system.

By eliminating air infiltration from the outside of the tight shell, the estimated effective R-value of the roof system can achieve an R-value of 62. In comparison, outdated batt insulation applications typically achieve an R-value of 30. Conventional batt insulation can begin to deteriorate from the date of installation.

In review, use of a closed-cell, spray foam insulation application creates a super-tight, super-strong truss and sheathing system and keeps the attic cool and dry by constructing a superior exterior envelope using solid, reinforced concrete walls, solid eves and solid soffits and by insulating above the attic.

The high performance green building methods results in substantial energy cost savings year over year.  For example, by moving air through ducts in a cool and dry attic the HVAC system works far more efficiently and does not cycle as often as conventional HVAC systems.

Utilizing NuVision Builders’ green building design features, air handlers are mounted in the cool and dry attic which reduces sound transmission compared to utilizing a closet inside the home to stack an air handler which is not only a waste of living space but creates a recurring noise problem each time the HVAC cycles inside the closet insider your home.  An air handler that is mounted up in the cool and dry attic area is far more accessible for maintenance and repair as compared to an air handler stacked tightly inside a living area closet.

Mechanical Ventilation

Home owners spend more than 90% of their time indoors. Indoor air quality is a crucial aspect of green building. In many home designs an increase in pollution due to contaminants, allergens, and other pollutants is an ever-present reality inside the home. By sealing the home with a green building design, fresh air exchange occurs by mechanical ventilation systems while removing moisture.

NuVision Builders utilizes an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) as part of the HVAC system. The ERV draws fresh outdoor air in while cleaning, cooling, and removing moisture from it before distributing it in the home through the HVAC system. ERV significantly reduces energy demand on the HVAC system. Combined with a high-efficiency air purifier the ERV is very effective at expelling indoor air pollutants and providing highest indoor air quality (IAQ).

Net-Zero Energy

All of NuVision Builders’ homes are already low-energy usage by green building design, therefore the final step is to achieve a net-zero Energy home. The term “net-zero energy” (NZE) is a measure of energy consumption. To achieve net-zero energy consumption, the home creates the same or similar renewable energy each year as is consumed.

Utilizing net-zero energy green building strategies does not mean your home is off the grid. Your custom built home stays on the grid to assure energy is uninterrupted during cloudy days, at night, and during inclement weather.

A new home buyer can take advantage of Florida’s sunny climate by the inclusion of photovoltaic solar panels. By using solar power, your new home can produce enough electricity to meet or exceed your annual energy demand.

Your NuVision home is constructed using the latest technologies and techniques to make certain that the materials we use are not compromised by the elements.

Everything we use to build your home surpasses most of the standards set for use in more traditionally built homes. In the end, your NuVision home is built is more soundly and is more energy efficient.

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