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On the warm white walls of the living room of a Florida home, a blueprint hangs. It’s framed on all sides by photos of a family; candid moments of the planning process taken on the lot that would one day hold their home. That process of building a dream custom home from the ground up is one-of-a-kind, creating memories for homeowners for generations to come.

Still, some find the concept of building a custom home daunting. They might be surprised to find out that the right builder can make the process budget-friendly and unforgettably fun. Here are just some of the benefits of building your bespoke dream home:


A Perfect Fit

A house is an extension of our daily lives. The perfect fit can be hard to find when you’re scouring the existing market for your next home.

Older builds often don’t offer the more popular “open-concept” floor plans of today, and newer homes might not be layed out the way that works best.

A custom build means a flow that’s right for you, whether that’s getting that home office with lots of natural light you’ve always dreamed of, or a master bedroom oasis.


Express Yourself Through Customization

A custom house is just that: custom. Working with your builder, you get to pick out every aspect of your home; everything from the location to the appliances, finishes and fixtures, right down to the doorknobs and light switches.

If you want to incorporate your favorite local artists’ work, or import all of your cabinetry from across the world, it’s all up to you.


Technologically Savvy

Rather than having to retrofit the latest tech into an older home, a new custom home allows you to have the latest technology built right in.

That includes home automation, audio systems, lighting and security systems, and smart appliances. It’s all designed to make your life easier and your home smarter.


Energy Efficient

Incorporating energy efficient measures into an existing home can be done, but the costs add up quickly. Implementing them from the jump means lower monthly bills, and a cleaner conscience.

Your builder can work with you to find ways you might not have expected to make your house into a “green” build.

Experts like those at NuVision can leverage their knowledge, like the LEED Associated Professional certification, to incorporate the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient options, focusing on energy savings, water efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.



When you are involved in the building process from the very beginning, you can be sure that the quality of everything in your home is up to your specific standards.

Higher quality and newer materials, technology, and appliances mean you are less likely to have unexpected costs arise if something breaks or a warranty expires, so you can enjoy your home worry-free for longer.


Choose Your Builder

The builder you choose to help you along this journey is an important choice. Finding someone you trust, with the expertise to help you through every part of the design, build, and customization experience means you can rest easy about the quality of your home and have fun along the way.


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