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High-Performance Building

The term “green building” is also known as “green construction” and “sustainable building.” At NuVision Builders, we refer to it as “High Performance Building.” A whole house system approach to design and construction of green building is superior to conventionally built homes.

An integrated “green” building design by NuVision Builders offers our clients far more. Our architectural team specializes in this whole house system approach to include low energy demand, strong storm and moisture resistance, low maintenance, and healthy indoor air quality. A high performance, sustainable building design can result in a reduction of annual insurance premiums and higher resale property values.

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The Building Envelope

The most important design feature of a high performance home is the exterior envelope. At NuVision Builders, it starts with cast-in-place, solid concrete wall system and energy efficient windows and doors.

Solid soffits, verses traditional vented soffits, seal out the exterior elements and no ridge roof vents keep out hot, humid air and high winds.

Sealed Attic

NuVision Builders recommends a high density closed-cell, spray foam insulation to completely seal the entire attic from any outside environmental elements. Spray foam insulation provides not only superior insulation that can last a lifetime, it also eliminates air infiltration. It is a very strong adhesive that is impermeable to air and moisture while providing the tightest seal possible throughout the entire roof system.

Spray foam is applied directly to the underside of the roof sheathing and truss as opposed to batt or blown insulation that resides at the ceiling level. This creates additional insulated storage space that remains cool and dry.

Indoor Air Quality

Home owners spend more than 90% of their time indoors.  Indoor air quality is a crucial aspect of high-performance building. Contaminants, allergens, and other pollutants is an ever-present reality inside the home. By sealing the home, the fresh air exchange occurs by mechanical ventilation systems.

NuVision Builders utilizes an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) as part of the HVAC system for mechanical ventilation. The ERV draws fresh outdoor air in while cleaning, cooling, and removing moisture before distributing it to the home through the HVAC system. This is a very effective way to provide higher indoor air quality (IAQ).

Net-Zero Energy

Our preferred high-performance design standards produce low-energy usage homes, which makes getting to the next level of a Net-Zero energy home an attainable option.

The term “net-zero energy” (NZE) is a measure of energy consumption. To achieve net-zero energy consumption, the home creates the same or similar renewable energy each year as is consumed.

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