The Outdoor Living Trends of 2021

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In the chaos of the last year, it seemed there were two places we could all still safely turn to: our homes and the great outdoors. These spaces became our retreats – but they also became our offices, our yoga studios, our movie theaters; anything and everything we needed them to be.

Now, homeowners are realizing that the spaces outside of their homes have so much more potential for everyday use. Here are just some of the ways trendsetters in 2021 are making the most of their outdoor living spaces:

Recreation redux

As some of our favorite recreation spots shut down last year, many found themselves wondering how they could bring their favorite parts of their world into their own homes. Pool sales alone skyrocketed.

According to com, Thomas Epple, chief executive of Only Apla Pools in Indiana, reported that sales for steel and composite pool walls spiked 200% in 60 days last year. And they weren’t the only ones on the rise.

From decks designed with sunrise yoga in mind to virtual driving ranges for golf fans, there is no shortage of ways to bring your favorite sport to your backyard.

Firepits/patio heaters

We might not get a ton of freezing nights in Florida, but that hasn’t stopped built-in patio systems and state-of-the-art fire pits, fireplaces, and fire tables from popping up in houses throughout the state.

Even if the temperature isn’t plummeting, the warm glow of a fireplace is the perfect touch for a cozy night at home or an open-air dinner party.

Energy-efficient electric patio heaters that use infrared heat - perfect for windy nights - are a fast-growing trend in beachside houses, and can be mounted in ceilings and on walls.

Gardening or greenhouse oasis

Stuck inside for months, many turned to the garden for a reason to get outdoors and see the fruits of their labor in real-time.

One “Gardening Insights” marketing survey cited by Illinois Extension revealed that 75.84 percent of respondents ages 29 to 39 reported spending more time gardening in the last year.

Now, carving out dedicated spaces in yards for gardens, or even building greenhouses just steps away from the back door offers the chance to beautify a space and cultivate a new interest.


Some are looking to create a sanctuary in case of another crisis or shut down. Some are just looking to celebrate the season with a refresh of their new favorite spaces. Either way, custom home builds, redesigns, and renovations that incorporate or innovate outdoor living are on the rise across the country and look like they’re here to stay.


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